Manoa Laundry

Easy Discount Cleaning
(808) 285-2752


Open 24/7!

2752 Woodlawn Drive

Honolulu, HI 96822


Attendant available Fridays-Sundays, 12-4PM

Easy Washing!

Manoa Laundry has brand new machines that run with a card-based system. No more heavy quarters!

How does it work?

When you approach the card machine underneath the TV, you'll have the option to get a card by following the on-screen instructions. All the cards are refillable so you'll never have to get another one, and the cards are free!

What if I have an issue?

Please call our phone number and leave a detailed message with the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Number
  • Your Address (for refund requests)
  • The Amount
  • The Machine Number
  • The Date and Time of the Incident

An employee will contact you ASAP. You can also leave a note in the drop box outside the office.


Parking behind the Laundry is strictly off-limits from 9AM until 5PM during weekdays as they are reserved for hardworking employees in Manoa Marketplace. Spaces #23 & #24 are reserved at ALL times for Laundry patrons.

Please kokua and keep their spots clear so they can hele on to make money for their families! People who park there are subject to towing, so please be aware of the risk you are taking. Let’s have a show of mutual respect and consideration! 

The staff at Manoa Laundry tries very hard to keep the backdoor unlocked not just for convenience, but for safety! The backdoor is an Emergency Exit, and should NEVER be locked.

Please keep the thumb lock unlocked at all times! If you see someone locking it, report them to the local maintenance as they are creating a fire hazard.